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A Bit About Me

Here's how I got started in podcast management

In 2019, a dear friend of mine who leads an international ministry decided to start a podcast, but adding the extra work of editing to her already busy schedule was just too much to juggle. So I volunteered to take over the editing process for her and she taught me what she knew. After a few episodes, I enjoyed it so much that I was inspired to take an online course in podcast editing and management. I wanted to help other people, especially those who, like my friend, are busy doing ministry and have Christ-centered content to share with the world. I take joy in what I do, and it's my great privilege to serve Jesus by helping take ground for His Kingdom in the world of podcasting. 

Last year, I married my husband, John, the love of my life. I am currently on my way to becoming a certified labor and postpartum doula, and a lactation and birth educator. I studied at The King's University in Southlake, TX, pursuing a bachelor's degree in music and worship leadership. I'm a singer/songwriter/musician and general creative. My heart's desire is to be a faithful missionary at home and abroad, and I've been on eight ministry trips in five different countries.


Also, I adore my crazy big family, coffee, and The Chosen series.

Quintessa Lawrence - Headphones
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Pray for the Nations
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Auntie Life
Nepali Hills
Hawksbill Crag
Arkansas Grand Canyon
Lawrence Family

Five years ago, I started a podcast called the Keep Going Podcast, which was ironic because after writing and recording every episode, the editing, publishing, and promotion became so time-consuming that I did not keep going! There were weeks and months when there were no new episodes from me. But then I found Quintessa! She helped me get back on track. All I had to do was write and record the episodes, and she handled the rest with speed and excellence. Her audio editing is flawless, her show notes and email blurbs help more people tune in, and her audiograms and share squares gave me a great way to introduce new listeners to what I have to offer. Best of all, I know I partnered with someone who is Kingdom-minded and would handle my messages of godly encouragement with care. Quintessa was a gift to me, and I cannot recommend her enough. Because of her faithfulness, my podcast finally lived up to its name.

Nika Maples, The Keep 

Writing Podcast

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